Musicworks’ 2015 Contests

Musicworks 2015 Contests

Details and past winners:

Cash prizes and winners published! Submit a 10-minute composition in one of the following genres: electroacoustic, acousmatic, glitch, turntable art, or video music. OR Submit a 500-word essay describing how sound influences place and shapes your experience.


Electronic Music Composition Contest:

Musicworks’ 5th annual Electronic Music Composition contest invites you to submit original electronic music and sound art by June 30. Top 3 win cash & publication! Share with your creative friends :)

Send your electroacoustic, glitch, video music, IDM, sound-art, and turntable art.

Sonic Geography Writing Contest:

Have you visited a place with a unique sound space? Can you describe the sound of a location in a unique way? Musicworks Magazine​’s “Sonic Geography” Writing contest asks you to choose any location—urban or rural, indoors or outside, cacophonous or mysteriously quiet—and describe how sound shapes your experience in 500 words. Top 3 win cash and publication! :)


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Musicworks’ Twitter: @MusicworksMag

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